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Traditional vs. Contemporary Service Formats

This is something I want to write more extensively about. Different church traditions and  formats have diffeent sound requirements. I have often said I can specify an amplifier by the denomination.  Methodists need about 30 watts, African-American Baptist churches need about 3000. There are other differences that have to do with the kind of content, the type of music, the type, tone and intent of preaching style, and the typical acoustic environment. Of particular interest is congregations that are transitioning from one format to another such as traditional or liturgical to more contemporary styles. Often an organ environment stinks for a praise band approach and an automatic mixer is inappropriate for plays and worship singers. The concept of the quiet stage comes into play. Why a church should be designed as a theater and made to look like a church instead of trying to build a traditional church and make it fit duty as a theater.

Liturgical Styles

Gospel Styles

Traditional Styles

Seekers, R-n-R Styles

Blended Styles

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