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Social Halls

The fellowship hall, social hall or parish hall -- no matter what you call it -- is often a difficult room to provide with sound. Secondary to the sanctuary, it is used for recreation, banquets, crusades, movies, plays and receptions. It is sparsely furnished and stocked with metal folding chairs and institutional folding tables. Often the walls are drywall or painted cement block with vinyl tile or linoleum flooring -- hard and echo prone. The high noise church kitchen is attached. Not the best of acoustic conditions. For a room with so much utility, it is sometimes the graveyard of past sanctuary sound systems, misconceived building contractor installed column speakers or ceiling speakers and old popular consumer electronic store mixer/amplifiers. I suggest that it does not have to be so.

With a little attention to acoustics and careful equipment selection the fellowship hall can be a very popular and useful room. We have to determine a few things to come up with an operational, cost effective system. A room with a stage used for frequent plays and speeches will benefit from a point source speaker or compact line array speakers, a true mixer with all the controls or an automatic mixer and multiple microphone inputs. A true multifunctional, multidirectional room will be better served by an array of high quality ceiling speakers and microphone inputs placed around the room for ultimate flexiblilty. If most programs will not have an operator, a set-and-forget mixer/amplifier or a digital signal processor with auto mixing features is prescribed.

Give DS&C a call for help designing and building your church hall sound system and the training to use your sound system effectively. We can also set up preventive measures and scheduled maintenance visits. Don't be caught unprepared. Enjoy effortless sound. Do it now!

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