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Acoustics 101

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The acoustics of your facility is critical to the acheivement of your mission. Echo prone architectural award winners that impede intelligibility do you no favors.  Excessive ambient mechanical noise will make it hard for people with hearing difficulty to understand you. We find many facilities that have inappropriatly noisy air conditioning systems.  Noise such as traffic transmitted from outside is similarly disturbing.  Is your room arranged so that speakers can be located to best advantage. The nature of your program will dictate the acoustics goals for your room. New rooms should be designed with the best acoustics practices possible. Existing rooms may need to be adjusted with finish changes or acoustic materials. Why did your traditional sanctuary sound so good with organ and choir, but sounds loud and mushy with the new contemporary praise band, drums and  worship singers? Will the acoustic corrections cost more than your whole sound system? Are you concerned that people in your waiting room or passing in the hall can hear and understand what you are counseling those you help? We've seen (and heard) it all.

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