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Sound System Emergency Kit

At your home, business or church, you probably have a first aid kit to attend to minor emergencies. You also need a sound and AV system emergency kit. Sound and AV systems are often made inoperative by minor problems. For instance, the soloist that walks 26 feet with a 25 foot microphone cable. The power surge or age of a fuse that causes it to blow. The wedding attendant on Saturday that decides to readjust or turn off one piece of equipment in the signal path. All these are problems that are easily solved if you have a simple emergency kit and pay attention to the details. Many times you will be able to avoid the panic of emergency service calls. In some cases you can make the repair yourself. You may have to send the broken part to DS&C for repair, but you'll still be in business. Severe or recurring problems and some temporary repairs will still require a professional service visit.
Your kit should have the following items:

One or two extra mic cables and video cables.

Extra fuses.

Electrical tape (3M Super 33).

Small roll of  duct or gaffers tape  (McGyver could fix anything with it!! Gaffers tape doesn't leave goo behind). Board label tape.

Wire cutting needle-nosed pliers.

Screwdrivers (Jewelers set, small #1 flat + phillips, regular #2 phillips + flat or a multiblade convertable driver).

An operation manual for each piece of equipment in the system (copy in your files).

A system diagram with basic control settings.

Replacement items peculiar to the system.

Extra clip-on mic and cable for wireless systems.

Batteries and battery tester.

The DS&C list of things to check first, common malfunctions (Troubleshooting ).

A card that says, "(703) 335-1257, ask for Keith, if all else fails".

If you really want to be a Boy Scout - A compact portable sound system.

Make sure to replenish materials that are used or missing. Give DS&C a call for help assembling your Sound System Emergency Kit and the training to use it effectively. We can also set up preventive measures and scheduled maintenance visits. Don't be caught unprepared. Do it now!  

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