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Professional and Commercial Speakers

Atlas Sound - Commercial, ceiling, surface mount
Australian Monitor
Bose Professional (not residential) - 
Commercial, ceiling, surface mount, professional cabinets, compact, modular compact line arrays
Bosch/Dynacord/ElectroVoice - Commercial, ceiling, surface mount, professional cabinets, articulated line arrays
Frazier - Professional cabinets, compact line arrays
Galaxy/Hotspot - Compact powered and unpowered speakers
Iconyx - Digitally processed compact line arrays by Renkus Heinz
KSI - Ceiling and presentation system speakers
Lowell Manufacturing -
Commercial applications, ceiling, surface mount
OAP Loudspeakers - Professional cabinets and articulated line array, monitors, presentation.
QSC Audio -
Commercial, ceiling, surface mount, professional cabinets and line array products
Renkus Heinz - Professional cabinets, line array, digitally processed/analog compact line arrays, powered and unpowered, networked.
Sennheiser/K&M - Commercial surface mount, professional cabinets, compact line arrays.
Sound Tube - 
Commercial applications, ceiling, surface mount, stylish
Superlux - Rugged molded polypropylene cabinets, 10", 12", 15", professional application speakers

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