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Community Rooms - Fire Hall and Church bingo facilities

Charitble organizations, volunteer fire and rescue squads and churches, are allowed by law in many jurisdictions to raise significant money to support their community service through gaming. Bingo, casino, carnival and bank nights are by far the most popular forms. Bingo presents the greatest public address challenges. In our experience too many clients have tried to either use public address functions built into portable bingo consoles, severely limiting the size of room that can be served, or use rudimentary PA systems often found in community and parish halls.  If the calls are not intelligible, your critical paying players won't come back. Please, have your system designed correctly. Make money.

In some communities your fire hall or parish hall may be the biggest and most convenient facility to hold community meetings, political rallies or provide emergency shelter. Many prospective users - weddings, rallies, churches, candidates - want to rent your facility. It's value increases when your room is properly equipped. These are cases where a well designed and effective sound and video system will help accomplish your critical mission.

Dorset Sound & Communications has designed, installed and maintained many such systems since 1994. We have the experience to ensure your success. Contact us.


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