Dorset Sound & Communications

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Dorset Sound & Communications
represents the following fine manufacturers:

  • Ampetronic (UK manufacturer), Assistive Audio Technologies  (US importer)
  • Allen & Heath - Analog and digital mixers and signal processors.
  • Adaptive Technologies/Allen Products/ATM - Engineered rigging systems, rated and certified rigging supplies
  • Aphex - Professional studio analog signal processors of the highest quality.
  • Ashly - Professional digital signal processors, mixers, analog processors, amplifiers
  • Atlas Sound - Microphone stands, home theatre components, commercial speakers, steel equipment cabinets, life safety components.
  • Audio Technica - Professional microphones, electronics, DJ mixers, headphones, wireless microphones. The Unipoint Series started the revolution in miniature lectern microphones that everyone copies today.
  • Avlex - Microphones, mixers, amplifiers
  • Biamp - Professional and commercial mixers, amplifiers, Nexia and Audia signal processors.
  • BroadcastVision Entertainment / BVE  - AV entertainment and motivation displays, transmitters and receivers for the fitness industry.
  • BTX/Bitronics - Cables, connectors, electronic interface devices.
  • Conquest Sound - Cable, audio snakes, connector plates and input devices
  • Countryman Associates - Premium and specialty microphones.
  • CourtPro Systems and Technology / Vehicle Inspection Technologies - Acclaimed modular courtroom evidence presentation hardware. Infrared headphone and speaker distribution. Produced on spec for the FBI, DEA, US Customs, and other federal, state and local law enforcement, prosecution and judicial agencies. Unparalleled accuracy, made in the USA. Und-Aware remote multi-camera video vehicle undercarriage inspection systems.
  • JW Davis - Commercial amplifiers and speakers.
  • D-M Professional , Denon DJ - Denon-Marantz professional recording and playback equipment.
  • DOD/Digitech - Professional signal processors, performance effects units.
  • ElectroVoice - A world class professional array of speaker systems, microphones, analog and digital signal processing, amplifiers, wireless microphone systems.
  • Frazier Loudspeakers - Unique pattern controlled loudspeakers for difficult acoustical environments
  • FSR - Premium protective stage boxes, media connection devices, video scalers, matrices, switches, audio, video and control modules.
  • Galaxy - Hot Spot monitors, compact portable sound systems, test equipment, earset mics, wireless mics, IEM.
  • Grommes-Precision Electronics - Commercial sound and paging electronics.
  • Hear Technologies/Quantum Electronics - Personal wired stage monitor systems, digital.
  • HHB - digital recorders, CD recorders, recording media
  • HSA - Furniture grade sound consoles and equipment cabinets.
  • ICC network and structural cabling supplies.   
  • K-Array - Innovative, premium, powerful, concert grade, compact high powered line array and compact line array speakers and components from Italy.
  • KSI Professional - Equipment racks, furniture grade A/V cabinetry, home theatre, studio and professional speakers.
  • Listen Technologies - FM and infrared hearing assistance/language translation systems, Bosch digital conference delegate systems
  • Lowell Manufacturing Company - Equipment cabinets, commercial speakers, power distribution, metalwork.
  • Mipro - Wireless microphone systems, wired mics, compact portable sound systems
  • Mystery Electronics - Floor / stage input boxes, input plates.
  • Nel-Tech Labs  - Solid state message repeaters
  • North American Cable - RF modulators, antennas, satellite electronics, MATV, CCTV equipment.
  • OAP Audio - Professional speakers for stage or permanent installation.
  • PolarFocus - Engineered rigging systems, rated and certified rigging supplies
  • Presonus Audio Electronics - analog and digital interface devices, digital mixers, signal processing for studio and live applications
  • ProCo Audio Products - Input devices, splitters, floor boxes, custom and stock cable systems, input plates, audio and MIDI snakes.
  • Progressive Marketing Products - Mounting hardware for video projectors, monitors, speakers, A/V equipment. Projection screens. A/V furnishings, carts and storage systems.
  • QSC Audio - The finest amplifiers in the world. Bulletproof electronics for stage, tour, institutional, life safety sound systems. Digital control and distribution systems.
  • Radio Design Labs - Specialists in Practical Precision Engineering. Clever little electronic devices that fill large requirements. Interface, amplification, signal processing, control.
  • Raxxess - Economy and steel equipment racks, studio furniture, A/V cabinetry, metalwork.
  • Renkus-Heinz - The finest and most natural professional loudspeakers in the world.
  • Rolls Corporation/Bellari
  • Sabine Adaptive Audio - FBX Digital domain feedback eliminators, adaptive equalizer, signal delays, multifunction signal processor, wireless microphones 
  • Sennheiser Electronics - Premium studio and reinforcement microphones, headphones, infrared hearing and interpretation assistance systems, and conference delegate systems, all built to exacting German specifications. Quality - Fidelity - Reliability.
  • Sound Associates - Infrared hearing assistance systems.
  • Special Projects - Special application for audio. Supercardioid and water resistant headworn mics for sports, aerobics and wireless systems, lavalier mics, headphones, universal rack mounts, audio monitor switchers.
  • Superlux - Surprisingly superb economical microphones, large diaphragm studio mics.
  • Surge-X - A-1-1 rated power quality protection. Series Mode. The best for any sensitive electronics. Now with the absolute best UPS on the market. Repeated protection 3000A, 6000V, 1000 times, network ground protection, fastest clamping. System power sequencers and distribution.
  • Symetrix/Lucid - Professional analog and digital signal processing.
  • Tascam - Professional recording and reproduction equipment, digital workstations.
  • Technical Necessities / TecNec - A catalog with thousands of items for audio and video production available through DS&C. Call to request your own copy.
  • Telex - Wireless microphones, technical production intercoms, communications equipment.
  • Ultimate Support Systems - Microphone, speaker and instrument stands.
  • Valcom, Class Connection  - Valcom telecom and paging devices, Multi-Path/Class Connection school, institutional and business intercom systems.
  • West Penn Wire / CDT - Cable for audio, video and data communications. Fiber optic cable.
  • Williams Sound - Helping People Hear. Hearing assistance, tour guide and interpretation systems via radio and infrared transmission.
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